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Students study one core unit and two optional units in the first year. For the core unit, students set SMART targets and develop a number of solo and ensemble performances. At A-Level students will study a core unit in developing solo performance skills leading to a 30 minute performance recital. Students then can study a range of units listed below to a total of 2 for AS-Level and 4 for A-Level. 

  • Aural Perception Skills
  • Classical Music in Practice
  • Composing Music
  •  Improvising Music
  • Improvising Music in a Jazz Style
  • Listening Skills for Music Technologists
  • Live Music Workshop
  • Marketing and Promotion in the Music Industry
  • Modern Music in Practice
  • Music in the Community
  • Music Performance Session Styles
  • Music Project
  • Musical Theatre Performance
  • Pop Music in Practice
  • Studying Music from Around the World
  • The Music Freelance World
  • The Sound and Music Industry
  • Singing Techniques and Performance
  • Special Subject Investigation
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