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History AS




History A2



History A-Level is an exciting course that will really involve pupils thinking about the wider world around them. We use a variety of teaching and learning activities in History and all Sixth Form lessons will also fully embrace the use of new technologies. Students will be expected to complete weekly reading tasks as this will really help their deeper understanding of the important historical events and consequences they had.

We value learning outside the classroom and will hope again to give pupils the chance in year 12 to visit Auschwitz Concentration Camp in Poland, as well as other more local visits and revision seminars in London.

Most importantly you need to have an interest in the subject, though you do not need to have studied History in years 10 and 11 to choose the AS or A-Level course. However, if you have taken History at GCSE you will find that the skills you have learned will form a solid function for Sixth Form work. If you have previously studied History you will be expected to have achieved a B grade or above at GCSE. If you are new to the subject you will be expected to have achieved a B grade or above in GCSE English; of course, the main assessment is through writing so pupils are expected to hone their writing and also essay skills. Above all a commitment of good attendance and a willingness to contribute in lessons are foundations for success in the subject at A Level.

  • Nazi Concentration Camp Auschwitz
  • Old image of British worker
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