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The course is structured around the genres of Poetry, Prose and Drama and is far more student led than GCSE English Literature.

There are two units:  one coursework and one exam based with texts covering all of the above. Examples of texts covered; The Kite Runner, The Great Gatsby, Browning and Rossetti’s poetry, Pygmalion, Othello, Frankenstein, Wuthering Heights and Macbeth.

For the full A Level, there are 4 units; although you can choose to study English Literature for 1 year only and obtain an AS level by completing the first 2 units.

Unit 1: Aspects of Narrative

  • You will study 2 prose texts and the work of 2 poets.
  • You will be assessed in a 2 hour written examination

Unit 2: Dramatic Genres

  • You will study two dramatic comedies including one play by Shakespeare.
  • You will be assessed through 2 pieces of written coursework.

Unit 3: Texts and Genres

  • You will study three texts and compare aspects of a given topic.
  • You will be assessed through a 2 hour written paper.

Unit 4: Further and Independent Reading

  • You will study 3 texts, one of which will be a pre-released anthology of critical writing applied to a piece of literature
  • You will be assessed through 2 pieces of written coursework.


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