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For the full A-Level, there are 4 units; although you can choose to study English Literature for 1 year only and obtain an AS level by completing the first 2 units.

Unit 1: An introduction to English Language study

  • You will learn to use the key English frameworks to analyse and group texts according to their language use. In addition you will analyse the impact gender and technology have had on language and how power is exerted through language use.
  • You will be assessed in a 2 hour written examination

Unit 2: Creating texts

  • You will study and then create two pieces of coursework: Writing to entertain and writing to persuade. You will then evaluate your own language use through a short commentary.
  • You will be assessed through 2 pieces of written coursework.

Unit 3: Language Development

  • You will study two topics: Child language acquisition and language change since to 18th Century.
  • You will be assessed through a 2 hour written paper.

Unit 4: Investigating Language

  • You will conduct your own language investigation and then create a media text linked to the topic of your investigation.
  • You will be assessed through 2 pieces of written coursework.
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