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During the AS course students explore a range of play texts through practical exploration, live theatre trips and written evaluation. Unit 1 includes “A Streetcar named Desire, Metamorphosis” and “War Horse”. The students learn how to interpret character, plot and how to apply a range of performance skills, such as vocal expression, spatial awareness and non verbal communication. In Unit 2, students will perform in a production of a play selected and directed by their tutor, along with a monologue or duologue of their choice, to an invited audience and are assessed by a visiting examiner. For this unit, students can choose to act or specialise in a technical production element, such as lighting design.

The A2 course requires students to apply the skills and knowledge gained in the previous year to devise their own original theatrical productions. In unit 3, they work in teams to produce a performance that is clearly influenced and inspired by the practitioners and live theatre they have studied previously. Students are required to work independently, relying less on guidance from the tutor, using their own creative ideas. Unit 4 focuses on the historical context of theatre and production elements. It asks students to step into the role of director and come up with their own interpretation of the play “Dr Faustas”.

As a Drama student you will be attractive to future employers/ tutors and Universities because you will have shown that you can work effectively as part of a team, have initiative and self-motivation combined with self-confidence and an ability to express yourself creatively and reflectively.

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