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Students are required to complete two units for AS and two units for A2. Students are taught to understand the fundamentals of Art: developing concepts, planning formats, compositions, exploring techniques, experimenting with media.

Each project will require students to research thoroughly, develop knowledge of artists and designers both past and present and relate this to their own emerging skills, to explore media and to resolve creative problems (explaining their thinking through annotations) to produce a successful series of outcomes, providing a written conclusion that analyses the learning that has resulted from the process and the inspirational role that other artists and designers have provided.

Students will become familiar with the language of Art and Design and will be expected to annotate their work and to articulate their ideas and views using the subject specific vocabulary.  A2 also requires a piece of extended writing (1000-3000 words). 

Students have the opportunity to visit suitable exhibitions as a class and are encouraged to also visit exhibitions independently to develop their knowledge of Art history and contemporary practice.  A final display of outcomes is presented as an end of course exhibition to celebrate achievement.

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