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Regular assessment is provided in both written and verbal form through teacher and peer feedback which informs progress and ensures that pupils know how to achieve the highest standard. The entire A-Level course consists of four units with each being worth 25% of the final assessment.

Each unit requires the submission of a sketchbook and portfolio which will contain evidence of primary research and analysis, exploration of media, sustained idea development and visual and written evaluations. During the course of this unit, students are expected to provide a 1000-3000 word written response.  At the end of unit 4, students create a final response during a 15 hour sustained focus.

The work is internally marked and externally moderated.

Unit 1 = 25% of A Level, 50% of AS Level

Unit 2 = 25% of A Level, 50% of AS Level – externally set assessment

Unit 3 = 25% of A Level

Unit 4 = 25% of A Level – externally set assessment

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