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What the students say

“At Samuel Ryder Sixth Form we are given more freedom to work independently. This means that teachers invest more trust in us to complete the work that has been given.”
Phoebe Field

“It is a privilege to be part of the first ever Sixth Form at the Samuel Ryder Academy.”
Shahida Begum

“The trust, responsibilities and freedom you receive from the Sixth Form experience is rewarding and sets you up for further education.”
Kulsoom Khan

“Sixth Form has taught me to work much more independently and to become more organised. Travelling to different schools for the consortium subjects is a great experience and I have met many new people. I am looking forward to experiencing more of Sixth Form life.”
Kirsty Potter

“Totally different to Year 11, but it’s been awesome. Looking forward to the next two years at SRA.”
Safae ElHabari

“Exciting, different and new. I am looking forward to experiencing even more in the upcoming years.”
Paul Barnard

“Samuel Ryder Academy Sixth Form has been an inspirational experience so far.”
Jordan Karuthasami

“I am looking forward to working with the lower years and continue to develop the bond.”
Nayem Abir

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