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Study support

Ensuring success for students means a balance of support, challenge and independence.

In class teachers are the first line of support. Work is personalised to match the needs of the child and when necessary, teachers provide intervention on a whole group, small group or individual basis. Teaching Assistants are an additional line of support in some lessons; although often required to support students with special educational needs, they also provide valuable class and small group support. Although staff will endeavor to recognise when a student requires support, it is also important for students to be prepared to ask for support if and when they need it.

Outside of lessons there are many further means of support. When homework is difficult, students can ask advice from their teachers, tutors and heads of year as well as attending our daily homework club, run in the library by the school librarian. Staff are always ready and willing to offer students support whenever they need it. In addition, students can email staff for support using the school emailing system.

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