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Student resources

The school is very well equipped. The first and most important resource for students is the staff itself. Teachers are highly trained, knowledgeable professionals who care deeply about the needs of students and make it their priority to get the best out of every child in the school. They are supported by a range of other staff, including teaching assistants, administrative staff and librarians, all of whom provide a valuable resource for our students.

The school also possesses an impressive range of resources on the premises. First and foremost is the well-stocked school library, containing books for both work and pleasure. Secondly, the school has computer rooms which are used in lessons and also computer facilities which students are able to use independently in the library. We also aim to provide quiet rooms which can be used for work at lunchtimes. Furthermore, each subject area has its own resources, from sports equipment to tools and machines, all of which are used by students in lessons and outside of lessons where needed under appropriate supervision.

Finally, the school is well equipped with electronic resources for the benefit of students. Each student is allocated their own mobile device to aid their own learning and promote independence.  Similarly each member of teaching staff has access and use of an iPad and Apple TV in their classroom.  Work for different subject areas is available via the portal, which can be accessed remotely from home. The school website contains a wealth of information about the different aspects of school life, including material to support students’ academic achievement. Finally, each student is provided with an email account which enables them to contact their teachers directly to ask questions or seek support.

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