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Pastoral care

Samuel Ryder Academy is caring, friendly and encouraging, and maintains a happy and peaceful learning community that enables everyone to work at their best. To achieve this we work in partnership with students, parents, governors and the wider community.

Positive behaviour and full attendance are essential components of an effective teaching and learning environment and they support our duty to promote the welfare of our students, and keep them safe. We believe that everyone has a right to learn and nobody has a right to prevent learning. We are firm, clear and consistent in our expectations, and we work hard to help our students develop and use the social, emotional and behavioural skills they need to succeed. This policy underpins the school’s commitment to enabling all our students to reach their highest levels of personal achievement by:

  • Encouraging positive behaviour
  • Encouraging and promoting an understanding of the importance of regular attendance and good timekeeping
  • Providing clear guidance to students, parents and staff
  • Making it clear we value all students and appreciate diversity
  • Expecting our school environment to be safe, secure, supportive, and reinforce
    the moral and ethical values we encourage our students to live by

In this policy we use the term ‘parent’ to mean anyone with parental responsibility for a student.

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