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Key Stage 3 and 4

Year 8

All of our students receive a block of lessons introducing the concept of “option choices” and how this decision will influence their futures. Part of this process involves them working within a 'real world game' whereby they list their desired lifestyle luxuries and then cross reference to the realities of a working life. We also try and involve local professionals within the community to speak to our students about their jobs, how they qualified, how a typical day looks etc

Year 9

Students in Year 9 receive further careers lessons within their PSHE lessons to help prepare them for the 'options' process. In addition to the lessons, there is an options evening whereby students and parents are invited to attend brief presentations from potential subjects areas so that they are fully informed to make such important choices.

Year 10

All students in Year 10 undertake a week of work experience during the summer term.  The system of work experience is provided by the Hertfordshire Careers Service (HCS) who offer either a placement from their own bank of placements, or will vet a private placement organised by the student themselves. This provision is managed and co-ordinated by our Work Experience Co-ordinator.

Students in Year 10 undertake a series of lessons leading up to their placement which aims to prepare them for this experience during their PHSE lessons. They also have a series of lessons to help them develop the core life skills they need such as teamwork, decision making and organisation.

Year 11

During the autumn term students in Year 11 are familiarised with the options that will become available to the students once they reach the end of the year.  Although some of our students will want to stay on in our Sixth Form and study A levels, other students may wish to pursue further studies at one of our local colleges, or may want to apply for an apprenticeship and begin to earn as they learn. We aim to furnish the students with sufficient knowledge so that they can consider all their options, and make informed choices about their future. A variety of speakers are invited to school and students are encouraged to explore various possibilities.

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