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Rules about appearance

Jewellery -The only jewellery permitted in school is a single plain gold/silver stud in the lower lobe, or a pair of plain gold/silver stud earrings in the lower lobes plus a watch. Facial piercings are not allowed (even if covered with a plaster).

Make up - should not be worn. Nail varnish, false nails or nail extensions should not be worn.

Badges - The only badges permitted are official school badges, such as House Representative badges and one charity badge.

Hair -  should be kept clean and tidy and should not be brightly coloured, worn in any extreme style or have an appearance inconsistent, in the Headteacher’s opinion, with traditional good standards of uniform. Hair extensions are not permitted and colouring is only allowed if it appears natural.  No patterns or tramlines should be shaved into the hair or the eyebrows.  Hair should not be shaved below a grade 2. Long hair should be fastened or tied back with neutral or school colours.  Hair ornaments should not be worn. Hair bands/ hijabs must be plain and either black, white or navy.

Shoes – canvas, backless or open-toed shoes are not allowed. High heels and stilettos are not allowed (and are dangerous around school). Heels should be no more than two inches high. Boots and trainers are not allowed.

Skirts - must be knee length and should be properly fastened at the back at all times. Skirts must not be rolled over or down at the waistband.

Hoodies/tracksuit tops - must not be brought or worn to school and will be confiscated for parental collection.

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