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Getting to school

Students travel to school in a variety of ways. Our School Travel Plan actively encourages students who live locally to walk to school or cycle (please download our Bicycle Permit Application). The Academy is served well by local roads and footpaths which have dedicated zebra crossings outside the school building and a pedestrian crossing on the adjacent London Road.

If parents do need to drive to school operate a 'Park and Stride Programme'. This programme involves parents parking in the London Road Residents Association car park and walking the short way to the school. This not only encourages a healthy attitude to walking for the children but also will alleviate traffic at the busy start and end of the day. The roads around school can become very congested at the beginning and the end of the day. Parents are asked to be considerate in their parking, taking into account the school’s neighbours.

Many of our students use public transport such as buses to get to school. We expect a very high standard of behaviour on the public bus from all our students and parents are encouraged to speak with their children about this as the bus company can withdraw permission for students to travel if they consistently misbehave.

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