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Helping you to help your child

Good study skills are best developed from the beginning of Year 7 and do not end at school. It is essential that good habits are encouraged at home too, in order that learning is extended beyond the classroom. If these positive study habits are developed early, they are fully embedded by Key Stage 4 when they become absolutely essential.

Top tips for helping your child to develop good study skills:

  • Remember that challenge is essential for a child to learn- allow them time to ‘puzzle it out’ before offering too much assistance
  • Ensure that they take regular breaks, exercise regularly and keep hydrated
  • Talk about what they are doing and ask them to explain it to you
  • Ensure that your child is well rested and gets plenty of sleep
  • Regularly encourage and praise your child
  • Create a routine for completing homework e.g. have a rest after school and then complete homework
  • Avoid too many distractions e.g. TV/siblings/loud music

Children learn in different ways. There are three main ways to learn and some students have strong preferences towards one style:

  • Visual (seeing things)
  • Auditory (hearing things)
  • Kinaesthetic (doing things).

Visual learner: likes to make a colour-coded list with some little pictures

Auditory learner: prefers to make a tape and chant out the words

Kinaesthetic learner: associates the words with actions and acts them out

In practice, most of us seem to be a bit of a mixture and to learn best when we combine the three styles. Encourage your child to use a range of these styles when completing homework/revision.

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