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St Albans Abbey Gifted and Talented visit

7 June 2017

Year 7s explore questions of faith during RE trip to St Albans Abbey.

A group of gifted and talented Year 7 students were fortunate to visit St Albans Abbey recently as part of their RE studies.  Taslim Mordani, Jack Tonkin, Frankie Shuttlewood and Rory Murray provided the following account of their experience:

On 5th June, eight Year 7 students were invited to an RE Gifted and Talented event at St Albans Abbey.

We started off with some drama. We learnt about Saint Alban and Amphibalus. Alban stood up for Amphibalus, who was a Christian on the run; at that period of time Christianity was not allowed. Saint Alban switched clothes with him and the Romans executed Saint Alban. Eventually, they found Amphilbalus and they cut him open and tied his intestines around a tree.

After that, we went to a different part of the abbey.  We split into groups of four and did freeze frames responding to questions or statements.  Our group had to respond to 'how does faith change our life?'. This is what our group came up with:


After lunch we all came together to watch a video about a man called Theodor Davidovic. He was Serbian and was orphaned with his brother at the age of 8, then at 12 he became a slave until the age of 16 when it was abolished. This led to a battle between the two sides but unfortunately his brother fought against him.  He became a refugee, travelling from place to place until Christian Aid came and gave him aid. This meant he spent the rest of his life giving faith to other people through the Christian religion.

Later we made some artwork based on the word ‘faith’ and what it means to us. This could be done using different materials such as card, string or highlighters. This activity was very enjoyable because we could be creative with our ideas and express them.



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