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what our Y7s have to say

What our Year 7s have to say

"Hi! My name is Alex and I moved from Fleetville School to SRA. To be honest, I was worried about coming here, as only 3 other students from Fleetville School came to SRA and I had never spoken to them in my life! If this is the case for you, then trust me, you WILL make new friends here and all of the lessons are actually better then they seem.  If you are worried, like I was, all the teachers here will support you through your journey. I'll see you soon!"


"Hi, my name is Suha and I am the House Captain of 7 Dahl. When I first came to SRA I didn’t know where to go and I got a bit lost but luckily I wasn't late to any of my lessons! I always had to ask someone where each classroom was but now I realise it’s really easy to get around SRA. The teachers are awesome and they were really friendly to me when I first joined. I am absolutely 101% they will be exactly the same with you! I hope you enjoy your time here and if you need any help, just ask anyone including teachers!"


"Hi, my name is Samia and I would like to reassure you. When I first started here I was terrified; after all, I was starting at a new school where I didn’t know anybody! However, I've made lots of new friends, got used to the (fairly) gigantic building and met the many teachers. All the lessons are fun and enjoyable and there is absolutely nothing to worry about; I can be certain in saying that! After around 2 weeks, you will feel as if you have always been at Samuel Ryder Academy."


"My name is Alfie and I started Samuel Ryder Academy excited and looking forward to a fresh start. I was the only person going from my primary school and because of this; SRA gave me a transition day that I could go to and meet new students that were the only people from their schools. Now I feel like I have been here forever and it feels enjoyable. Even though I didn’t know many people I now have over 20 great friends. They are all really close and fun to have a laugh with. I hope you enjoy SRA, Good Luck!"


"Hi my name is Tom. I know exactly how you feel, I felt the same but trust me it’s not bad, quite the opposite in fact! The teachers welcome you and make you feel at ease. You make friends really quickly and homework isn’t as bad as it is made to sound. You settle in really quickly and it is enjoyable. Don’t be nervous; be excited, you'll have a great time! P.S The food is really good! P.P.S There is a lot of clubs to go to! P.P.P.S don’t forget the 'ACE', it is a major part of Samuel Ryder Academy."

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  • What our Y7s say
  • What our Y7s say
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