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At SRA we celebrate achievement, positive contribution and success, in all aspects of school life from academic and sporting performance to participation in school and community events. We like students to know when we are particularly proud of them; when we think they have been good role models or made a special contribution; and when they are achieving what we hope for them.

Our staff aim to make lessons varied, interesting and challenging and:

·         Tell students when they are doing well.

·         Use praise frequently and consistently.

·         Give guidance on how to make best progress.

·         Recognise and reward students who meet their high expectations of behaviour and engagement.


Students can earn rewards throughout the year. We log these so we can identify outstanding performance and celebrate progress. We also notice which students are not earning rewards and work with them to change that.. We share details with students, so they know how they are performing – for instance Tutors monitor how many rewards their tutor group has received, and discuss this with students.

At the end of the year we invite students whose attitude to learning, contribution, achievement and behaviour has impressed us to join our end-of year events.

We reward and celebrate the success of the students who have the highest conduct points in each year group, half termly. 

Types of rewards

R1  Good work, attendance, appearance and behaviour for learningHouse Points on SIMS
R2  sustained good work, behaviour for learning during lessonsACE Card
R3  Consistently high quality of work and excellent behaviour/outstanding piece of workHeadteacher's Commendation
R4  Outstanding achievement over a course of a termStudent of the term
R5  Outstanding achievement and effort over the course of the yearAnnual Prize Giving Evening



Conduct PointsReward
30Form Tutor Post Card
70Head of Year Certificate
100Senior Link Certificate


Top 5 in the year group at the end of summer term

Headteacher Letter Home and a Badge
100% Attendance in half a termAttendance Certificate


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