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The House system

Every member of the SRA community, students and staff, as well as being in a tutor group and a year group, belongs to a House. The Houses, Austen, Dahl and Hardy, reflect our English specialism.

As House members all students have a wide range of opportunities to work together and ‘compete’ against other students, the other Houses and even against themselves, earning House points in the process.

Merit Marks, Ace Cards and Heads Commendations

Students who embody the Samuel Ryder Academy ACE, and who extend themselves through achievement - academic, artistic, sporting or cultural, in lessons or outside, through their care for others or through the way they conduct themselves - earn ACE cards, House Points and Head Commendations. A House Point is given by a member of staff and is a very immediate way of acknowledging an extra achievement or an extra effort and strengthening the personal relationships so central at the Samuel Ryder Academy. An ACE card is a more public acknowledgement of extra effort or going beyond and is posted home so that family or significant others can share in your achievement too. A Head's Commendation is given for a longer-term extra effort or achievement. Students build a total of Conduct points through the year with certificates being awarded to celebrate this achievement.

House competitions and events

Throughout the year students have many chances to work with members of their form and House, taking part in competitions and events. Some of these take place as part of lessons, some run during lunchtimes and after school and offer extra opportunity to get involved in the life of SRA.

We have whole school events such as House Games or House Sports Day, where forms and students earn House points. We also run whole school festive competitions such as the Festive form room event with students spreading a little seasonal spirit to the House points earned from fund raising events. Every year we also gather food donations for one of our local food banks to support those families within our community who are less fortunate. Other events organised throughout the year include Spelling Bee, Touch Typing, Maths Challenge, Swimming Gala and our own version of Ready, Steady, Cook! All of these and other events build towards the awarding of the House Cup during a hugely emotional climax to our final school “House” assembly.

Elected student Form Representatives and House Captains organise, promote and these run events. Through regular meetings and assemblies they work with both teachers and other students to ensure that the spirit of all the houses is a prominent feature of school life.

Everyone is involved in representing their House, with a splash of bright colour, all students proudly wear their house badge and perfect uniform. We also raise money for global charities and learn new skills whilst building your confidence as a Form Representative. 


March 2016 - House scores currently stand at:

1st King

2nd Dahl

3rd Christie

4th Austen

5th Wordsworth

6th Hardy

7th Bronte


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