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British Values in Science

In Science, we strive to promote British values by integrating them throughout teaching. Whilst we don’t teach each science as a separate discipline, our underlying values are present throughout.

In Biology, the main areas that are developed are :

·         Enabling students to develop their self-knowledge through variation, genetics and inheritance

·         Recognising right and wrong through a deeper understanding of drugs, alcohol and the need for legislation

·         Accepting responsibility for their own behaviour through the human impact on the environment, particularly global warming.

·         To acquire an appreciation of their own and other cultures by debating different theories of evolution and creationism.

·         Respect for public institutions and services, e.g. the NHS and organ translations, IVF and Stem Cell research


In Chemistry, we identify:

·         Right and wrong through processes of water purification

·         Understanding the consequences of our actions and how communities function by debating the impact of quarrying, comparing fuels for power stations and the mining of metals.

·         The cultural development of science is demonstrated by the evolution of scientific ideas such as Wegener’s theory of continental drift.

·         Evaluate importance of recycling and the use of alternative fuels.


In Physics, students are taught to:

·         Encourage respect for democracy by investigating the right and wrongs of nuclear weapons and the use of different energy sources for power stations.

·         That the law protects citizens by ensuring adequate safety legislation is in place, with a particular focus on Nuclear.

·         Experience awe and wonder at the different theories on the origins of the Universe

·         Explore the moral and ethical issues surrounding Biofuels, nuclear and fossil fuels

·         Challenge of accepted ideas

·         Use of science in the legal systems.


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