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Religious Studies

Religious education is accessible and relevant to all; whether or not a person considers themselves to be religious, the contemporary topics studied within RE are central in our ever changing world. In RE we cover the six main world religions alongside non-religious viewpoints; students are given the opportunity not only to learn about religion but also to contemplate ultimate questions and discuss ethical dilemmas. Studying RE is essential for students to gain a greater understanding of cultures both within their own community and across the world. By students learning about religion in a fun and creative way, they become more tolerant and understanding to different viewpoints, whilst also developing their own beliefs.

Students are lucky enough to study the six world religions in Key Stage 3; this allows them to understand cultures and religions that they will come into contact with throughout their life. By the end of Key Stage 3, we expect students to have a holistic approach of the main religions. We also study philosophy right from the beginning of year 7, encouraging higher order thinking from a young age.

At Key Stage 4 students have the opportunity to choose Religious Studies GCSE. Within this course, students are given the opportunity to deepen their understanding of both Christianity and Islam, whilst exploring a range of ethical and philosophical topics.

Students are taught by enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff and each student's own beliefs are respected and appreciated.

As the school grows, we will offer A Level Religious Studies, building on knowledge learnt at KS4. 

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