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British Values in Music

British Values are at the core of Samuel Ryder Academy’s curriculum and are an underlying force, driving the standards of expectation in all subjects.  In Music we underpin our content with these values to ensure we help support the development of responsible, community aware, tolerant & good citizens.


Music allows the students to express themselves democratically and artistically, through voicing their opinion on performances, to analysing their own work and sharing their musical tastes with the class.  Every student develops the appreciation for genres that they may not necessarily have ever been exposed to in their pocket of experience.

Rule of Law:

To create music you have to follow laws.  Musical theoretical laws, practical laws, behavioural laws.  Without the laws, music could not happen.  The very nature of Music is governed by mathematical law, and this is taught to help students understand harmony, not only within their music, but within society.  ‘One Person, One Voice’ is a mantra used through KS3, to instil the understanding of appreciation during their peers performances.  The SRA behaviour policy is displayed around the classroom and sanctions and rewards are given accordingly.

Individual Liberty:

Students are encouraged to be independent and creative in Music.  Self-expression is a key factor in the successful creative-architype, and is often lost through the course of standard education. 


‘Every child is an artist, the problem is how to remain an artist when we grow up’

Pablo Picasso


Using Picasso’s words as guidance, when developing curriculum, helps sustain the focus on the right to be free and individual.  We encourage individuality, differences, and celebrate the ‘out-of-the-ordinary’ through the various genres of the world and performances of each other.  Freeing up the strict guidelines of what is a good performance of a song, and concentrating on personal voice and interpretation, which is in-line with the higher achieving grades in GCSE/A-Level.


People can feel quite vulnerable and exposed when sharing something as personal as a performance, or a composition.  Therefore we have developed a safe environment which builds confidence in the students allowing them to perform.  Performances are a great opportunity to experience tolerance.  Tolerance of others; tolerance of genres; tolerance of patience and tolerance of criticism. Through these periods of peer evaluation and self-assessment, the students can learn that the vastness of diversity in the world can lead to beautiful outcomes and improve not only their outlook, but their perspectives and lives.

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