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Key Stage 3 Mathmatics

Students are placed with those of similar abilities within the first few weeks of joining the school. This is based on their Key Stage 2 results and the recommendations made by those who would have taught them for those few weeks. The sets are flexible and if we feel changes need to be made for the benefit of a pupil then that will take place as soon as required.

We work in harmony with Hertfordshire’s advisors for Mathematics and follow a Scheme of Learning produced by them but edited by us to suit the needs of our students to ensure required support is put in place where needed and those who are more gifted can be stretched. This means that instead of being restricted to teaching what the National Curriculum says should be taught in any particular year group, we teach to the specific needs of our students.

The study of Mathematics should enable students to apply their knowledge, skills and understanding to relevant real-world situations. The content that is covered includes number and algebra, geometry and measures and statistics.

SATs Online Practice

Here you will find out about all the resources available to you to help you revise for your KS3 exams. This page is for people in years 7 and 8.

Practice KS3 assessments online to see what the questions will be like and what you need to know. Speak to your teacher to find out what level of paper you will be sitting and then click on the correct link here:

Levels 3-5 paper 1 paper 2   Levels 4-6 paper 1 paper 2

Levels 5-7 paper 1 paper 2   Levels 6-8 paper 1 paper 2



MyMaths is a brilliant revision tool that you should be using regularly. Use the online lessons and online homeworks to revise individual topics. Use the booster packs to revise a variety of topics at a certain grade. Choose the right booster pack for you.


BBC KS3 Bitesize

BBC Bitesize KS3 Maths is a superb website specifically designed for revision. You will find short explanations and videos about topics and also test questions. Make the most of this superb website.


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