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British Values in Maths

Through the focus of attainment and achievement through collaboration, creativity and character, Samuel Ryder Academy is driven to educate students and develop traits which contribute to the global community.  The focus on character instils behaviours such as determination, respect, grit and resilience, all of which are part of a values system that create a more positive and harmonious Britain.  Although such values are the basis of SRA’s ethos through the ACE, particular opportunities to develop British Values in Maths can be found below:

Democracy: Students consider and debate the consequences, advantages and disadvantages of things such as ethical decisions relating to Maths, business and economies, and how maths is used and abused as well as how data can be used to change perception, opinion, action and cause reaction.

Individual Liberty: Opportunities to discuss viewpoints are encouraged whilst ensuring students are respectful to others.  At the same time, students are reminded of an expectation of respect for all others.  Through various forms of mathematical issues, freedom of speech is discussed.

Tolerance: Values such as respect, tolerance of other opinions and positive criticism are embedded in Maths.  An underpinning drive to develop students who are resilient, respectful, determined and respectful creates a positive set of values to apply to all areas of life and help develop student’s character.

Rules and Law: Adhering to rules and laws of privacy and understanding how such legislation is applicable to life in school and the community in helping to make the community safer.

Respect: At all times within the subject, students are encouraged to recognise an individual’s strength and support their development.  Students are encouraged to embrace diversity and treat all others with respect, both in and out of the classroom.  We encourage equality and diversity at every opportunity.

The mathematics curriculum promotes the British values of tolerance and resilience on a daily basis through problem solving and understanding of complex concepts, encouraging students to persevere and try different methods to arrive at a correct solution.  Students are encouraged to builds on and learn from their mistakes in maths lessons.

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