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At Samuel Ryder Academy we believe that Mathematics teaches our young people fundamental knowledge for life. The better you are at mathematics, the easier you will find Science, Design and Technology, ICT, many aspects of Geography and even Music and Art. Studying Mathematics helps in understanding global issues and aids people in deciding their political stance and so developing independence and beliefs. We therefore put a huge amount of emphasis on developing all of our students so they achieve the very best grade that they can and because Mathematics will help them be successful in many other subjects.

With this in mind, the lessons are taught in an interactive way with students feeling involved in their learning so they can see a purpose for what is being taught. All classrooms have interactive whiteboards and students have access to mobile devices to aid their learning, as well as using websites, games and video clips.  However Mathematics is a language that must be practised and so we also focus on students keeping their exercise books neat and tidy with full workings shown. It is our goal that Mathematics is accessible to all and each student continually learns skills that will help them in life. Therefore we dedicate a lot of time to ensure students understand what is being taught as then they will be much more likely to remember it.

We are an ever growing department and all teachers teach across the full range of ages and abilities. We are always available to give extra assistance when needed or at hand for those who just wish to discuss Mathematics.

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