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Drama at Key Stage 4

Students study the Edexcel GCSE Drama course during which they will explore many different techniques building on the skills gained in Year 9.  There is a unit on Physical and Visual Storytelling and a unit that explores the Practitioner Antonin Artaud and his ‘Theatre of Cruelty’.  Students will explore the topics of home and capital punishment when creating devised Drama, with their Unit 1 devised unit looking at the future in ‘Tomorrow’s World’.  The play texts studied are The Exam by Andy Hamilton and DNA by Dennis Kelly, which forms the basis of their Unit 2 assessment.  The balance of practical to written portfolio work is 75% to 25% and there is currently no written exam.  All students have to act and perform on the course but technical options (lighting/sound/costume/make-up/set design) are available for the Unit 3 production exam.  Students will attend live productions in the West End and are required to write a theatre review as part of their controlled assessment.

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