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British Values in Drama

British values are an integral part of the Drama curriculum at Samuel Ryder Academy and are explored practically throughout the school.  In Year 7 students explore Democracy by creating a Party Political Broadcast during the Superheroes scheme.  In the Dr Duban Scheme of Learning students learn why sometimes we are unfair in treating people who are different from us in ways that we would not wish to be treated ourselves and why this is wrong.  In Year 8 we look at Bullying and how Individual Liberty can be infringed upon by people treating others unfairly and unkindly.  In Year 9 we explore aspects of the Law in a devised piece about a stabbing at a disco.  We also use tableau to share ideas of ‘Faith’ during our Physical Theatre scheme.  During the GCSE course we do a scheme about Capital Punishment which looks at issues involving both Law and Democracy both in the past and in the present day.  The students devise work around the subject of ‘Home’ and do a practical exercise about guarding homes and territory where we look at democratic issues involving conflict.  The set text ‘DNA’ by Dennis Kelly examines democracy within social groupings and explores legal issues when a gang of teenagers try to frame someone for a murder.

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