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SMSC in Dance

Spiritual Development

  • Through Dance in both KS3 and KS4 students are continually encouraged to be creative and use their imagination. Students develop their own Dance choreography using a range of stimulus such as an era of time, an emotion or a story/theme.  Students are encouraged to use their own interpretation and express themselves.
  • Dancers reflect on the performance and progress of themselves and others. By acting as an audience to others they develop a sense of empathy and respect for other people’s feelings, thoughts and beliefs. Students are encouraged to offer opinions and suggested improvements to a performance piece whilst being mindful of what is helpful and justified whilst also ensuring not to offend or upset. Reflecting on their own and others performance is also a powerful tool in Dance and the students embrace this at every opportunity.
  • Dance is also a subject that creates a sense of enjoyment and fascination. Students learn a lot about themselves through their expressions in this subject but they also regularly get to explore the world around them. We try to offer as many different opportunities as possible through various external providers of dance in different styles and genres.

Moral Development

  • The nature of this subject means that students are regularly working together in groups. Through doing so pupils develop a strong understanding of the consequences of their actions and how these can impact not only on themselves but also others around them. There is a strong focus through this subject on a positive behavior for learning including accepting the opinions and suggestions of others and working together to achieve a high level performance by the set deadline.
  • Many students are involved in school shows and performances which develops their skills in self-control, self-management, the management of others and responsibility.

Social Development

  • Through Dance at Samuel Ryder pupils work with students from a variety of different backgrounds. This applies both in lessons as well as in extracurricular clubs. We also produce an annual dance show in which students across all year groups and backgrounds work together. The dance show is then also performed to a wide audience ranging from our own primary children right through to older family members which encourages a sense of community.
  • Many of our students have had the opportunity to use both their dance and social skills in a range of different contexts. Students regularly perform to each other for peer assessment and the sharing of ideas but they have also performed in assemblies and our annual show.

Cultural Development

  • Through dance at both KS3 and KS4 the students are regularly encouraged to appreciate a wide number of cultural influences. Students are provided with opportunities to explore dances from different traditions and cultures. Attendance at dance based extracurricular clubs, trips and theatre visits demonstrates further willingness to participate in and explore different artistic and cultural opportunities.


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