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Art at Key Stage 4

GCSE Art currently follows the Edexcel specification. The course consists of two units, with unit one being worth 60% and Unit two which is an externally set assignment being worth 40%.  Within each unit, students are encouraged to develop their own ideas and skills with as much creativity and originality as possible. Students will develop skills with drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography, digital media, critical analysis and evaluation. Regular assessment is provided in both written and verbal form through teacher and peer feedback which informs progress and ensures that students know how to achieve the highest standard. At the end of unit 2, students create a final response during a 10 hour sustained focus.

Students have the opportunity to visit suitable exhibitions as a class and are encouraged to also visit relevant exhibitions independently to develop their knowledge of Art history and contemporary practice. A final display of outcomes is presented as an end of course exhibition to celebrate achievement.

Student work is displayed around school to celebrate success and demonstrate the exciting and skilful work created by students of all ages. Students are encouraged to attend lunch, after school and holiday workshops to improve skills and techniques.

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