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Students proud with their work

Art and Design

Art and Design encourages learning by:

  • Enabling students of all ages and ability to enjoy Art by providing an exciting programme of teaching and learning.
  • Enhancing motivation, visual awareness and important critical skills
  • Providing the means and opportunity to develop vital creative skills, knowledge and understanding.
  • Providing an environment which is stimulating and engaging, with a strong focus on independent learning.
  • Offering students opportunities to explore a range of art movements and to design and create in a variety of styles.

The Art department believes that art informs life and equally life informs art.  Art is a powerful form of communication and is primarily a visual language of human expression which relies on our visual sense to receive process and interpret information. The study of Art helps to define and understand ourselves and our world and builds important communication skills.  Those who study Art learn how to discover original solutions to problems, discover innovative techniques, develop ideas through risk taking and the use of imagination. Transferrable personal skills and attributes cultivated by the study and making of art include: creativity, imagination, problem solving, critical thinking, self-expression, and self-esteem.  Art education offers marketable skills for the workplace of the future including engagement in analytical and creative thinking, the ability to develop and deliver a product, a disciplined approach to personal skill development and a collaborative work skill set. Twenty first century workplace skills will require sophisticated visual understanding. Careers such as architecture, computer imaging, games design, communications and science rely heavily on visual training.

We aim to teach students how to make art, to be independent learners, to be creative, to develop critical analysis skills, to be reflective practitioners, to cultivate self-discipline and to be intrinsically motivated. The department aims to provide a broad and enriching artistic experience which enables all students to explore and develop their full artistic potential by being actively involved in all stages of the creative process.  Students will learn and apply visualisation skills, research and analyse the work of other artists, develop creative thinking and problem solving skills and learn how to experiment with a range of techniques and processes in order to realise their ideas and achieve a successful outcome. Students are encouraged to take creative risks and to be as imaginative, creative and original as possible when applying the traditional skills they have learned.

Student work is displayed around school to celebrate success and demonstrate the exciting and skilful work created by students of all ages. Students are encouraged to attend lunch, after school and holiday workshops to improve skills and techniques.

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