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Student voice

At SRA we listen to our students and aim for them to become active citizens of a democratic society. They can prepare by being active members of the school community during their time with us. Their contributions help us to improve the school and to be at the forefront of student leadership.

Opportunities for students to have their voices heard are numerous. Each member of the student body is able to become a member of the SRA Parliament, chaired by the Head Boy and Girl, if they are able to meet the criteria for entry. They are then eligible to become members of the cabinet and committees that are the engine room for change. Members of the cabinet have areas of whole school responsibility, are free to discuss and contribute to all aspects of school life and meet regularly with senior members of the staff team. They have real power and their opinions count.

Even outside of the formal structures, there are many opportunities for students to have a say in the school. Students can volunteer to observe and comment on lessons, to lead clubs and extra-curricular activities and to join groups with particular interests, such as the Eco Schools group. In the Sixth Form, students act as peer mentors for younger children in the school and can become prefects, carrying out important duties alongside members of staff.

These and many more opportunities are open to our students. The more their voices are heard, the better the school will be able to meet their needs.

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