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Sports at Samuel Ryder Academy

Sports and healthy eating

Promoting a healthy lifestyle is integral to us providing an education for life for all our students and is one of the five elements of the Every Child Matters Agenda: Be Healthy.

Our commitment to maintaining healthy living is embedded in the school curriculum. Attention to nutrition is part of the Food Technology curriculum in all years and in Life Skills students study healthy living. For example in Year 7 Life Skills students study units on Healthy Eating, Personal safety and Smoking. In Years 8 and 9 there are units on Drugs, Alcohol and Sex and Relationships education. In Year 11 the focus changes and although we still have units on Sex and Relationships education students also examine stress and mental health.

Student voice has also played an active role in ensuring we take healthy living seriously. In addition to being involved in the food tastings run by our canteen manager, the student body is involved in major decision making. We are always interested in what the students think and our student voice plays an active part in ensuring we stay on our toes at all times.

At SRA the school ethos has health and active lifestyles at its very heart. Developing a healthy and active approach to living is not something that is just addressed through Physical Education lessons although engagement in sport and physical exercise is obviously a central feature. Students will learn about the importance of being active and making healthy choices in everything they do and everything they eat across many areas of the school curriculum. For example, through areas such as Geography students experience activities like orienteering to learn about GPS (Global Positioning Systems), through Science they actively learn about how and why exercise makes the human body function more efficiently, in Food Technology they study the importance of balanced diets and dietary manipulation to meet the demands of different activities. Beyond the curriculum activities are planned to support the schools holistic approach to health and active lifestyle. Immersion days are designed to get students active whilst extending their learning.

As well as the day to day in school opportunities designed to encourage students to engage we also look to support their wider needs but forging strong links with sports clubs and local recreational facilities to provide pathways for active learning and engagement for life. Students that are members of these community clubs act as ambassadors for them within school by providing a direct contact for other students so they can get information about what each offers or about joining themselves.

We have banned the selling of chocolate and crisps on the school site, and it is only on special occasions like fundraising events that we allow students to sell sweet products. When creating packed lunches for their children we would also encourage parents to consider the healthy snack options and avoid sending students in with large bars of chocolate or bags of sweets. Power drinks and cans of fizzy drinks like Coke are not allowed on the school site.

Drinking water and remaining adequately hydrated is essential for healthy living and productive learning. There are a number of water taps around the school site and students are encouraged to carry water bottles to ensure they have sufficient to drink. Discrete drinking is allowed in lessons when the teacher considers it safe to do so.

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