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Sporting students

Personal development and citizenship

In order to support the school’s vision of preparing students to become developed and responsible members of society, we give them the opportunity to explore the issues that are important to them and our students are often involved with a wide range of initiatives. Whether they are campaigning against a specific issue, raising funds or spreading awareness for a charity or leading ‘in-school’ initiatives that are for the benefit of the other students, we are always willing to support them in whatever way that we can.

Work Experience is enjoyed by students in Year 10 when they have a week working in a variety of trades both locally and further afield.

Opportunities for students to develop as leaders are encouraged as soon as students join the school as they are able to take on the role of Form Representative, be a member of the School Parliament, take part on interview panels and join the Library User Group.

As they progress through the school, students can be elected House Captains and Prefects and when they enter the Sixth Form they have the opportunity to be trained as Peer Mentors.

As part of our focus on the local and wider communities students are encouraged to get involved with local and national issues. We are actively involved in Local Democracy Week and working with the Town Council to help with projects and through our Global Education work students have the opportunity to visit British and International policy makers.

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