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Parent support services

An extended school is a school that recognises that it cannot work alone in helping children and young people to achieve their potential.

It therefore decides to work in partnership with other agencies that have an interest in outcomes for children and young people, and with the local community.

In doing so, it aims to help meet not only the school’s objectives but also to share in helping to meet the wider needs of children, young people, families and their community

The benefits extended schools may provide:

For pupils and schools:

  • Higher level of pupil achievement
  • Increased pupil motivation and self-esteem
  • Specialist support to meet pupils' wider needs
  • Additional facilities and equipment
  • Enhanced partnership working with the community
  • Better school security.

For families:

  • Improvements in child behaviour and social skills
  • Greater parental involvement in children's learning
  • More opportunities for local adult education and family learning
  • Greater availability of specialist support for families.

For communities:

  • Better access to essential services
  • Improved local availability of sports, arts and other facilities
  • Local career development opportunities
  • Better supervision of children outside of school hours
  • Closer relationships with the school
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