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Vision and values

Central to the vision of the new Samuel Ryder Academy is the shared belief of the entire community that all young people have the right to a transformational educational experience, that will enable them, no matter what their starting point, to fulfil their potential and realise their ambitions.

The values of the Samuel Ryder Academy (SRA) are summed up in the acronym ACE: Achievement, Care and Excellence. The ACE acronym underpins everything that SRA does and provides a secure basis for all SRA strives to accomplish.

  • Achievement in academic, artistic, cultural and other forms with a focus on teaching and learning
  • Care for students, staff and others beyond the Academy community
  • Excellent standards, manners, honesty, personal integrity and uniform

The vision for SRA is to produce responsible young people, of whom all can be proud, who have achieved more than they ever believed possible and who make a contribution to their local, national and global communities. Most students join the Academy in reception or at Year 7, although others may join the Academy community at different stages. However, no matter what age a child joins SRA they will receive the support and care required to help them achieve standards of which they and the rest of the SRA community can be proud. Pastoral and academic systems will work together to ensure that they receive an education as personalised to their talents and needs as possible.

SRA believes that it is developing the leaders of the future and all students are able to take on leadership responsibilities, such as becoming a Form Representative, taking part in interview panels and leading extra-curricular clubs.

An important aspect of personal development is understanding one’s place in the wider society. SRA therefore encourages all students to get involved in charity work and fundraising. As well as giving students a strong sense of community it also allows them to develop enterprising skills, relevant to them in later life, such as time management and organisation.  SRA will prepare students to become fully fledged members and leaders of our democratic society. The Academy’s strapline will be “Education for a Changing World”. Not only will children who receive an education at SRA leave, as adults, ready to make their mark on the world, but student voice will also shape the future of the organisation itself. Staff at all levels will listen very carefully to what the students say and take action as a result.

There will be regular written and spoken consultation about the curriculum, the quality of teaching and learning, pastoral provision and other aspects of Academy life. Students with strong views about important issues such as sustainability and charity will be encouraged to join, and even set up, clubs and groups, to help bring about change for the better in the community. SRA will set the pace, in terms of student contributions to educational improvement, as part of its constant drive for excellence.

  • Students working together
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