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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Funding (2016/2017)

The government introduced Pupil Premium funding in April 2011 with the aim of narrowing the gap between the disadvantaged pupils and their peers. They believe that the Pupil Premium, which is in addition to the main school’s funding will address the current underlying inequalities between these cohort of students and their wealthier peers




Number of pupils and Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) received:


Total number of pupils on roll



Total number of pupils



Total amount of PPG received







  • We ensure that learning and teaching opportunities meet the needs of all pupils
  • We ensure that the needs of all of learners are carefully assessed on a regular interval in particular the needs of socially disadvantaged pupils
  • We ensure that appropriate provision is in place for those students who belong to vulnerable groups
  • In making provision for socially disadvantaged students, we recognise that not all students who are socially disadvantaged are registered or qualify for free school meals
  • We use the Pupil Premium funding to support any student or group of students who the academy has identified as socially disadvantaged
  • The type of provision will depend on the identification of the need for the priority student or group of students. 
  • Pupil Premium Provision Map
    • LSA support received in class
    • Small intervention group work or 1 to 1 sessions within Inclusion
    • Participation in the social skills group
    • Small classes in core subjects
    • Access Arrangements
    • Support from external agencies (counselling, targeted youth services, TAF, Links support and outreach work etc.)
    • Attendance at clubs; sports and music etc.
    • School trips
    • Participation in paired reading
    • Literacy intervention
    • Free revision guides
    • Cooking ingredients
    • Free material for Art and Design and Technology lessons
    • Participation in the G&T enrichment days
    • Participation in the Cambridge Archaeological trip
    • Help with Transport costs
  • Pupil Premium Provision

    All pupil premium students access:

    • High quality teaching in the classroom
    • Support from a Form Tutor, Head of Year and Student Services Manager
    • Support in accessing extra – curricular activities which require extra support and funding


    Provision targeted at year groups or across year groups


    Transition from primary to secondary


    Summer school, extended transition mornings, part funded residential trip


    Basic School equipment / ICT equipment

    Pupil Premium students receive IPads / IPods at a reduced rate

    GCSE English and Maths revision days Year 11

    The days are staffed and organised by staff at Samuel Ryder Academy

    Revision Materials

    All year 9, 10 and 11 Pupil Premium students are given revision materials free of charge

    Summer revision packs for these students to support their learning


    Support for end of year school events

  • Pupil Premium funds are used to enable PP students to take part in the community celebration events of their time at Samuel Ryder Academy, .i.e. attend the school prom, go to Thorpe Park trip and buy the year book

    Support for school trips

    Trips are offered at a reduced rate for all PP students

    Music Lessons

    Music lessons, exam costs and sheet music are offered free for any PP student who wishes to participate

    Learning Support Assistant’s (LSA’s) in class

    Many PP students benefit from LSA support in the classroom to ensure they participate fully in lessons and supported to access the concepts covered in the lessons and to work independently.  In KS3 and 4 we double staff some core subjects with LSA’s to intensify support

    Joint planning by the LSAs and teachers- identified LSAs attached to individual faculties

    Small groups in Maths, Science and English

    We organise smaller groups in KS3 and also in KS4 for Key subjects which supports the learning of some students


    Students have access to a range of mentors in school: one of the Student Service Managers, a nominated member of staff, a member of the Leadership Team or through programmes such as the peer mentoring scheme

    Food Ingredients

    The ingredients can be purchased for PP students who take part in hospitality lessons.

    Targeted to small cohorts within each year group or to individuals


    Literacy Interventions

    Talking Partners - a targeted intervention to support the communication skills of the PP students

    One to One reading / spelling / handwriting / numeracy intervention

    Small group lessons in the Learning Zone




    Access to enrichment days for the more able G&T PP students

    Gifted and Talented PP students in year 9 are offered the opportunity to take part in the Cambridge Archaeological Dig, all expenses provided by the Academy.

    Gifted and Talented and more able students in all year groups are given the opportunity to take part in enrichment days / trips.  All funding is provided by the Academy.

    Behaviour for Learning

    Like Skills group in year 7and 8 to support the Pupil Premium students with their social and emotional aspects of their learning

    Nurture Group in Primary to support the social skills

    Seal and Resilience Groups in year 7 and 8 to support the emotional literacy

    Mastering Memory and Fine Motor Skills

    PP students who have difficulties with their short term working memory or their fine motor skills are supported using one to one specialised programmes

    Learning Portraits

    Through setting up the Learning Portraits all members of staff acquire an in depth understanding of the students and strategies to support them in their learning


    Some students are supported through the counselling service to help them work through issues which impact on their readiness and capacity for learning

    Library Materials for the most able and to support struggling readers

    In year 7 and 8 the library has purchased additional materials to enable those struggling with or reluctant to read, engage more fully

    Transportation Costs

    Transport costs are covered to allow some Pupil Premium students and their parents / guardians to travel to and from school for evening meetings such as Parent’s Evening, Residential Trip ,Options Meeting or to help with visits to Universities etc


    Data analysis

  • Regular analysis of data by the Head of Inclusion, all Heads of Faculties and Heads of Years to track, monitor and identify underachievement

    Regular meetings to discuss provision and support


    In house attendance improvement officer to support the families and the students

    Regular meetings with both parents and students

    Home visits

    External agencies

    Utilisation of external professionals to run sessions for students in Key Stage 4

    Partnership with Links academy

    Support from EP

    Close liaison with family support workers

    Impact Year 11- 2015/2016

    The progress 8 score for the disadvantaged students in year 11 for the last academic year was 0.42

    The progress of these students in English stood at 0.23 and in Mathematics at 0.55



    Intervention Strategies in English

    The Learning Zone provides targeted literacy intervention for the identified students. The intervention is delivered by a team of experienced Learning Support Assistants, headed by a teacher who co-ordinates the provision. There are also six weekly programmes of one to one intervention, running three times a week for twenty minutes each session. The sessions are personalised according to the specific needs of the students. The impact of all provisions is monitored, using standardised assessment tools. The success of all intervention programmes is measured using the Sutton Trust Tool Kit Criteria as well as teacher assessment and examination results. The Academy offers small group teaching classes in English in year 7. 

    Expected Levels of Progress in English as a result of Intervention


    Expected Levels of Progress


    End of Year 7






    Intervention strategies in Maths

    The Leaning Zone also offers small group intensive numeracy sessions. There are also one to one numeracy sessions offered throughout the year to target the specific needs of the learners.  The success of all intervention programmes is measured using the Sutton Trust Tool Kit Criteria as well as teacher assessment and examination results. The Academy offers small group teaching classes in English in year 7. 


    Expected Levels of Progress in Maths

    Expected Levels of Progress


    End of Year 7





    The funding for 2014/2015academic year will be utilised to support the targeted students using the same intervention strategies as outlined above.  

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