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Key Stage 1 and 2 - Subjects

Our curriculum will be carefully organised under themed topics, which incorporate a range of subjects.


Our English programme includes a balance of reading, writing, spelling, speaking and listening. We particularly use ‘Talk for Writing’ as part of our daily lessons. Key skills of handwriting, grammar and spelling are explicitly taught.


Our Mathematics programme includes oral work, mental calculation, computational skills and problem-solving in a variety of contexts. We will teach maths through-out the week and over each term, covering numbers, shape, space, measurement and data-handling.


Science enables children to make sense of the world around them. The development of a scientific, investigative approach supports their learning by encouraging their natural curiosity.

Religious Education

Religious education shares common ground with other areas of the curriculum and “religious” issues may be included in other subjects. Nevertheless, RE is also addressed as an identifiable area within our curriculum planning and our provision reflects the Agreed Syllabus.


Technology prepares children to live and work in an increasingly technological world. This subject gives pupils the opportunity and capability to solve problems, to design and make and to test products and solutions for themselves.

Information and Communication Technology

(ICT) supports the whole curriculum. Each class will have a set of mobile devices available to support the children’s teaching and learning. We have a policy for the managed use of the internet.

History and Geography

History and geography are taught as part of wider themes. Direct teaching, investigations and visits develop the child’s views of the past and the present.

Music, Art and Physical Education

These subjects are an important part of our curriculum. We believe that every child should have regular access to the arts in order to develop as a whole person. Physical fitness and physical awareness are important in developing a healthy lifestyle. A range of dance, gym, sports and swimming will be covered.

Sex Education

Sex Educartion is part of our broader Personal, Social and Health Education programme and will be dealt with in accordance with the Governing Body’s policy.

Additional Needs and Equal Opportunities

This is central to all our curriculum planning and practice. Additional needs are identified early on and learning programmes are designed to support the specific needs of the individual. Parents/carers will be partners in this process at each stage. We are committed to equal opportunities for all regardless of disability, gender and ethnicity.

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