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School meals

Our school meals are provided by Hertfordshire Catering. In Hertfordshire we are extremely proud of our delicious meals and high quality ingredients which go into the food prepared.

Hertfordshire catering runs a three week menu rotation, where parents can choose the meals they would like their children to have. There is always a vegetarian option available to the children. 

Menus are clearly displayed within the canteen and classrooms to help the children with their choices. Copies of the menus are also available from the school office.

Lunchtimes are from 11.30-12.45pm, and all children will have their lunch in the main school dining hall in the primary section. You can provide a packed lunch for your child in a named lunchbox, or you can organise for your child to have a school dinner. Please let your child's class teacher know if your child has any food allergies.

Packed lunches

Packed lunches are to be in a named lunch box or lunch bag. We hold the Healthy Schools status in our school, and wish to teach the children to lead a healthy lifestyle and eat a nutritious, balanced and healthy diet. We kindly ask parents not to provide sweets and fizzy drinks for this purpose, and in the interest of safeguarding children with allergies ask that parents refrain from providing foods that contain nuts.

Provide your child with enough food to give them enough energy to get through a busy school day, but please do not feel you have to provide more than is necessary. The children in KS1 are also provided with a healthy snack of a fruit or vegetable item and a drink at school and can access this whenever they wish to have it.

School dinners

If you have organised for your child to have a school dinner, your child will need to chose from two different colour options; Red or Green. Red is the hot meat based option, Green is the hot vegetarian option. School will provide you with a menu for you to keep at home, to help your child choose what to have each day. Please discuss the options with your child before school, to help them make a choice they are happy with. Some of the anxiety children feel, when they first start school, can be based on how they feel about what they have to eat and having to try new foods, so if you wish to send your child into school with a packed lunch for the first few weeks and then move to school dinners then that is not a problem.

Free School Meals 

At the moment all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are automatically entitled to enjoy FREE school meals, even if parents don’t receive one of the qualifying benefits or tax credits. But, if you do receive certain benefits, then you may be able to claim and get other help, such as help with the cost of learning resources and IT equipment and contributions for school trips for your child. For each child with a registered free school meal claim, the school will receive additional funding too, so it’s still worth applying to Hertfordshire County Council. 


Download HCL School Meals Booklet here

Download Samuel Ryder Allergy Awareness booklet here



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