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The House system

Every member of the SRA community, students and staff, as well as being in a tutor group and a year group, belongs to a House. The Houses, Austen, Dahl, Hardy, Bronte, Christie, King and Wordsworth reflect our English specialism.

As House members all students have a wide range of opportunities to work together and ‘compete’ against other students, the other Houses and even against themselves, earning House points in the process.

House competitions and events

Throughout the year students have many chances to work with members of their class and House, taking part in competitions and events.

We have whole school events such as House Games or House Sports Day, where students earn House points.  Everyone is involved in representing their House, with a splash of bright colour; all students proudly wear their house badge and perfect uniform.

March 2016 - House scores currently stand at:

1st King

2nd Dahl

3rd Christie

4th Austen

5th Wordsworth

6th Hardy

7th Bronte

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