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Welcome to Miss Wood's & Mrs Jakubowska's Class - Year 1 - Purple Class pages

Welcome to Purple Class

Welcome to Year 1. 

At the start of Year 1 we provide a gentle transition from Reception (Early Years Foundation Stage) to Year 1 which is suited specifically to the needs of our current cohort.  In Year 1 the classrooms start to look more like a ‘standard classroom’.  'Play to Learn' is now known as 'Active Learning' which allows the children to continue their 'Child Initiated Learning'.  Gradually throughout Year 1 'Active Learning' will reduce in both time and frequency to prepare the children for their time in Year 2.  

Each day will have structured lessons to develop their skills following the new National Curriculum.  In Year 1 we also work on encouraging the children to become independent learners. 

During Year 1, we continue to provide healthy fruit/veg snacks but if you prefer please send your child with a healthy snack.  Please ensure that a named water bottle is brought in daily and taken home daily. 

The structure of the school day will be slightly different this year as we now have a longer school day.  School will start with a 'soft start' between 8:40-8:50am, the children will enter directly through their own classroom door.  If you arrive after 8.50am you will need to walk to the main Reception and sign your child in. 

School will finish at the later time of 3:20pm and the children will exit directly through their classroom door.  A member of staff will send the children out one by one to ensure they safely reach you, please help us by waving at your child when they are at the front of the line.  If you have any queries or concerns please email us directly, for quick questions ask the member of staff on the classroom door during the soft staff.

We are all looking forward to an exciting year ahead, with lots of exciting new topics to learn about.

Miss Wood, Mrs Jakubowska & Mrs Toorab

Miss Wood 

Mrs Jakubowska

Mrs Toorab


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