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Welcome to Miss Van Rensburg's Class - Year 2 - Green Class pages

Welcome to Green Class

Welcome to year 2! We hope you have had an enjoyable and relaxing summer break. Year 2 will bring lots of exciting new topics to learn about. The structure of the school day will be very much the same as year 1. There will be a strong focus on reading, writing and maths skills in preparation for the year 2 SAT’s tests in the Spring Term. These tests will take place around the month of May and usually take a few weeks to complete. Please make sure you do not plan or book and holidays during this time as it is a National requirement for your child to sit these tests.

At the beginning of the school day the whistle will be blown and the children will continue to line up as before at the end of the Primary building. At the end of the school day year 2 will now exit the building through the double doors midway along the primary building (These are the same doors the children use to enter and exit during break times). 
We look forward to a year of fun and exciting learning with you.

Miss Van Rensburg and Mrs Johns


Miss Van Rensburg
Class Teacher

Please see Miss Van Rensburg's Teacher Passport; (download)


Mrs Johns

Teaching Assistant

Please see Mrs Johns Teacher Passport (download)






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